Laboratory of Environmental Stress Tolerance Mechanisms

Lab Members

International students are welcomed. (The picture was taken in August 2018 in the University of Tokyo Farm Premises.)

Laboratory Head


Tetsuo Takano Professor



Shenkui Liu Professor at Northeast Forestry University (China)




Yingwei Qu Ph.D. candidate

Hello there. I am from China and joined Dr. Takano lab in Sep,2017. Now focusing in the study of molecular biology particularly in both bioinformatics study and lab works. I like traveling, singing and enjoying foods. My motto is “Learn just a little more than yesterday and become a better person^ ^”..


Maimuna Qazi Ph.D. candidate

Hello. I am Maimuna Qazi from Bangladesh. I came to Japan on September 2019 and am currently working as a research student at Takano Sensei's Laboratory. Everyone at ANESC is so amiable and easy-going. I completed my Bachelor’s and Masters degree from University of Dhaka from the Department of Soil, Water and Environment with a major in Environmental Science. I am currently trying to learn about molecular biology and genetics of crop plants. I wish to learn how to combat stresses like water scarcity and am interested in soil microbiology and eradication of heavy metal pollution in crop production.


Penghao Han M.Sc. student

Hi, this is Han Penghao the research student from China! It's a pleasure to join Dr. Takano's lab, where I could study what I like. Life is mysterious, but I want to learn it more! I also like poem and nature, "一朝览尽云烟境,提笔直画十重楼!"


Anqi Yue M.Sc. student

Hello, I'm YUE Anqi from China. I'm studying at Takano lab as a research student from September 2019. I'd like to learn more about molecular genetics in plants and try to find more possibilities of myself. I'll do my best on both study and life.