Laboratory of Environmental Stress Tolerance Mechanisms

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Food comes first, then morals.
Bertolt Brecht 1898-1956

Desertification. Salinization. Heavy-metal pollution. Environmental problems are threatening farming industry the worldwide. Since plants can not move, they developed "stress tolerance mechanisms" to cope with various environmental changes.

What is happening at DNA, cellular or whole plant level when plants are suffuring from the stresses? Why are some plants able to survive such severe conditions that are lethal for most plants? Is it possible to develop stress-tolerant crops by genetic engineering?

Aim of our study is understanding of stress tolerance mechanisms of plants and its future application.

Please see "Works" page for more detailed information of our study.

Lab introduction with Daisuke Tsugama Lab

Saline-alkali lands in Northeast China

The background image is the picture taken in alkaline-salt affected land in Northeast China, in Oct. 2009. Salt can be observed as white crusts on the ground. Most plants, including crops, cannot survive in such area. Both natural (climate, wind, water, etc.) and human-related (increased population, overgrazing, and policies) factors are responsible for the salinization or alkalinization of Northeast China.

A research station of Northeast Forestry University is located in this area, and vegetation restoration is attemted. Some of their attempts, such as shutting out of farm animals, have succeeded, and revegetation is observed to some extent.


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